Games Reflection

These games are all eye openers, experiencing this and putting my self in other people’s shoes made me see how privileged i am. The two games we did in class were a bit hard, especially spent. I couldn’t last the whole month and when i had the option not to pay for something i didn’t, even-though some of the things are essential like car loans and dental care.. this made me think about my life and the things i take for granted, like simply going to the dentist when i have a minor tooth ache and being able to drive around in my car not worried about paying for it. The other game about The Syrian refugee, thankfully i made it to Europe, however i can’t imagine the choices they have to take, i couldn’t make a decision on my laptop how on earth do they decide if they could possibly drown or get sent back to Syria.. the lengths they go to reach any place in Europe was also eye opening to how refugees are suffering.

The games I chose to play were a bit depressing as well, especially the burr me, my love one. how the game showed that because of all the bombings that took place in Syria people were not getting any medical attention and even-though doctors were volunteering they didn’t have enough supplies to save everyone, which made me go back to the corona virus spreading around and how tough it is to choose who to save and who is left to die. I really liked how the game was made into a conversation between a couple and how i was a part of the game choosing what to say, it was very interesting.

The second game i played was fake it to make it, this was actually very fun to play, and interesting to see how easily you could make people believe anything if you choose the right audience and the right title and wording you could fool them into reading any article that is fake or not necessarily important. I made the money I needed easily and had fun playing it haha.

The third game I chose is project Honduras, the game was light to play eventhough it was about natural disasters, maybe because it was animated it made it ok to play. the game didn’t really affect me i did’t get the extent of the problem from it. I think it could have been better if i had a fewer number of volunteers or maybe if it was done differently to show how big of an issue floods and hurricanes are, but honestly i was just trying to allocate my volunteers depending on the numbers needed rather than the importance of the issue. I didn’t really like this one.

The last one i chose was by students about domestic abuse, it was very VERY interesting how after every question they gave an explanation that made me more aware of how domestic abuse has an effect on people, i like how they even tackled how silence treatment that we take lightly in every relationship could be a sign that something is wrong, i like how they focused on every small issue that we sometimes ignore, and how a person hitting someone in public not necessarily hitting you could be bad for you eventhough the harm was not done to you. I feel we sometimes ignore signs of violence because it’s not against us and not see how this could easily be us at any moment. It was interesting that the game showed statistics about domestic abuse in housholds in Egypt, it was eyeopening to see that this occurs more frequent than i thought it did.

Playing these games made me see many things differently, i never thought playing a game could change how i think and look at many things around me. I am aware now of issues i hadn’t really thought about before.

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